The Great Way – Hsin Hsin Ming

The Great Way (Beginner’s Mind Poem) – Hsin Hsin Ming-
Faith Mind Poem from the Zen tradition

“What can I say?
Only, WOW!
What a Great rendition of the Faith Mind.”

The text emphasizes the importance of not having preferences and not holding opinions for or against anything. It warns against the disease of the mind that comes from setting likes against dislikes and cherishing opinions, as they lead to confusion and hide the truth. The text encourages living without attachment to outer things or inner feelings of emptiness and finding serenity in the Oneness of things. It advises against discrimination and prejudice, and suggests obeying the nature of things to walk freely. The text concludes by stating that in the state of Oneness, all dualities cease to exist, and no law or description applies.

The text also discusses enlightenment as the realization of the interconnectedness of all things. It encourages letting go of doubts and arguments that are irrelevant to this understanding. Living in this realization brings freedom from anxiety about imperfection. The text suggests that language is inadequate to describe this truth, as it exists beyond the constraints of time. Overall, the text emphasizes the concept of non-duality and the unity of all things, urging readers to let go of preferences, opinions, discrimination, and attachment in order to find true enlightenment.

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By Holger Hubbs

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  1. A gem.
    The way is simple for those who do not set this apart from that.
    This ordinary mind reveals the extraordinary when it is not-knowing.
    The duality that arises from the mind is a mirage that has no real significance.
    You are the totality appearing as the many things.
    You have never been a thing. There are no things outside of the ignorant mind.
    Such is the mystery of your very being.
    You touch everything but nothing touches you.

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