Craving and Aversion

“When we hold onto our preferences (our likes and dislikes) we become tight. Holding onto these preferences lightly means the tight boundary of ‘me’ softens and we become permeable, allowing the eternal light of Being to infuse us and our lives.” Read More

The Error of Identity

“The error of identity is at the root of psychological suffering. By noticing how self-identity is derived from our experiences, and by noticing how all experiences come and go, we can start to investigate a more true identity that is ever-present and intimate. We can start to realize our essential nature and be free of the prison of erroneous identity.” Read More

Tantra and Nonduality

“… both Tantra and non-duality are about going beyond duality and recognizing that form arises within the formless. While Tantra may use physical practices as a gateway to the formless, there can be a danger of becoming attached to those practices. Non-duality, on the other hand, can sometimes lead to an avoidance or denial of form. Ultimately, both paths lead to a collapse of the separation between self and other, and an intimacy with all things.” Read More