Deep dive into the Kinesin Protein.

“In this video, Calvin Smith takes a deep dive into the amazing kinesin protein. Unfortunately, evolutionists will claim that this protein is the result of chance, but if you take the time to listen to the experts who have researched this topic, this video will change your mind.” Read More


“Hydrogen is not really a source of energy, but rather a storage system. Energy is used to create hydrogen in its pure form, transport it, and then release this energy elsewhere. Therefore, hydrogen is considered an energy carrier rather than a primary source of energy.” Read More

The Secret Life Of Plants

“This is a clip from the 1970s documentary, ‘The Secret Life of Plants’. It is an amazing film which chronicles the work of scientists world-wide who have discovered that plants emit unheard frequencies that are influenced by the world around them. In short, they seem to display consciousness.” Read More