Mayapuris ‘Mridanga’

This is one of the most original dance songs I have seen in a long time. Kudos to the group for presenting a first of its kind MTV like music video of high intensity in the name of God. Read More

Everything You Know is False.

This is Going to Hurt. Everything You Know is False. | Annaka Harris on Impact Theory.


Harris argues that consciousness is a fundamental mystery that is with us in every moment and should be celebrated. She defines consciousness as simply the experience of being alive and emphasizes that it is not necessarily tied to higher-order reasoning or self-awareness. Read More

1950 LSD Test

“The subject emphasizes the sense of unity and lack of separation between individuals, using the term empathy. They conclude by referencing a quote about the blissful certainty of waking up from a dream.” Read More

The Secret Life Of Plants

“This is a clip from the 1970s documentary, ‘The Secret Life of Plants’. It is an amazing film which chronicles the work of scientists world-wide who have discovered that plants emit unheard frequencies that are influenced by the world around them. In short, they seem to display consciousness.” Read More