All Unhappiness Is Resistance

“… it is the nature of awareness to be open without resistance. It’s just the mind that rises up and says no — but it’s not about changing the no into a yes. All that’s necessary is to feel the innate yes, the innate openness of awareness.” Read More

The Royal way to approach suffering…

Thank you Judith for recommending this! The Royal way to approach suffering….Rupert Spira by Alan Neachell Transcript: I wanted to say something in general about suffering. suffering can be dealt within various ways in this approach. and each of those ways depends upon the circumstances. So there is no general way to approach suffering. But I’d Read More

June 18th: Adyashanti, Rupert & John

“…fascinated by pure awareness since childhood and has encountered three teachers who have helped him delve deeper into this concept. He proposes bringing these teachers together for a round table discussion on topics such as enlightenment and sacred activism. The discussion will explore how the realization of unbounded awareness can help us find balance while addressing the world’s suffering. Those who cannot attend can register for a recording.” Read More

Retreat with Rupert

“Each day features a dialogue in which we discuss the non-dual understanding as well as a guided meditation. Between meetings, we enjoy delicious vegetarian meals and in the evenings, we might watch a movie together, celebrate through poetry and music or simply relax and allow the love and understanding to transmit itself effortlessly through friendship.” Read More