Cleo Sol – Butterfly

I see your body full of hate
Crying out for someone to save the day
I tell you God makes no mistakes
Your time will come, have faith Read More

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From ordinary to extraordinary

“Helen shares the concept of consciousness and the importance of recognizing the infinite consciousness that is present in everyday experiences. They emphasize the significance of paying attention to silence and the space around us, as well as being curious about the ordinary and taken-for-granted aspects of life. The speaker encourages viewers to value and explore the depth of silence and consciousness, suggesting that doing so can lead to a more enriching and fulfilling experience.” Read More

I love my guru!

“In 2006 I had the privilege to interview Ramesh S. Balsekar.

After that I got the idea to make a compilation of Ramesh his Satsangs. I asked Manjushree Abhinav to help with interviews with a few disciples.

Satsang took place for almost 3 decades in his house where he welcomed so many people who had questions about all kinds of issues about spirituality and advaita.” Read More

‘Meditations’ by Marcus Aurelius

“Delve deep into the mind of one of ancient Rome’s greatest emperors, Marcus Aurelius, with this modernized version of his rich text, ‘Meditations.’ In this reflective journey, we unravel the Stoic philosophy deeply ingrained in the Emperor’s personal contemplations, transforming ancient thought into a beacon for contemporary souls.” Read More