ByByHolger HubbsAug 27, 2023
“Each page of the [free] book is but an invitation to open ourselves to the unknown Vastness that we are, to feel the irrepressible vitality of Being that shines in any moment of our lives.” Read More

Aloneness to Oneness

ByByHolger HubbsSep 18, 2023
A wise woman once said the universe created itself to experience itself through us… Read More

no-one to take credit or blame

ByByKevin HarlowSep 18, 2023
Kevin: Caught up in our own mystery most of us fishes don’t notice the net, but a few, an increasing few, do.  We create schools and dive deep. Read More

Newness comes from the space between, Nowhere.

ByByHolger HubbsAug 19, 2023
2 minutes: … it first registers in your body, not in your head. … enter the world of synchronicity Read More

Love Above the Pairs of Opposites

ByByHolger HubbsSep 11, 2023
“Since love seemed to be the recurring topic that came up yesterday in our meeting I was compelled to share this video. It looks like love was in the air for Gautam as well 🤩” Read More

Ashtavakra Gita and The Divine Name (Rupert Spira)

ByByHolger HubbsSep 9, 2023
“Rupert explains that the passage speaks directly to the nature of our essential self or being. The name ‘I’ refers to our essential self. As we sink deeply into our being, it gradually loses the qualities that it derives from the content of experience and, at some point, stands revealed as unlimited or infinite being — God’s being.” Read More

How No-thing Appears As Some-thing

ByByHolger HubbsSep 8, 2023
Overall, the video delves into deep philosophical and metaphysical questions about existence, nothingness, and the interplay between light and darkness in various aspects of life. Read More

Deepening Insights

ByByHolger HubbsApr 28, 2022
“It is lovely to be sharing one’s insight and deepening it through interaction with dear friends…” Read More

The Great Way – Hsin Hsin Ming

ByByHolger HubbsAug 27, 2023
“What can I say? Only, WOW! What a Great rendition of the Faith Mind.” Read More