Isolation is the dream-killer

ByByHolger HubbsJul 25, 2023
ChatGPT: “Ellen Maloney, the speaker, reflects on her journey of finding her dream after facing hardships. Despite not having any particular talents or skills, she believes that having a positive attitude can lead to achieving one’s dreams. However, even after attending motivational events and trying to create her own reality, she still struggles to identify her dream. She emphasizes the importance of not giving up and continues to search for her purpose in life.” Read More

… Barbie World!

ByByHolger HubbsJul 22, 2023
“Super impressed with your arranging skills. You took a simple song from the 1990s and created six individual masterpieces. Loved it!” Read More

Sex like a hobby

ByByHolger HubbsJul 21, 2023
“The speaker encourages open conversations about sex, removing shame and secrecy, and highlights the positive impact that a fulfilling sex life can have on overall well-being.” Read More

Wu Wei: The Art Of Not Forcing

ByByHolger HubbsJul 21, 2023
“… the natural flow of the universe instead of constantly pushing and forcing outcomes. … knowing when to act and when to let go, … ease and grace. … stress that comes from trying to control every aspect of our lives, … trust the process and let things unfold naturally.” Read More

Deep dive into the Kinesin Protein.

ByByHolger HubbsJul 20, 2023
“In this video, Calvin Smith takes a deep dive into the amazing kinesin protein. Unfortunately, evolutionists will claim that this protein is the result of chance, but if you take the time to listen to the experts who have researched this topic, this video will change your mind.” Read More

Suppression or avoidance of thoughts?

ByByHolger HubbsJul 17, 2023
ChatGPT: “During meditation, let go of all thoughts, including the thought of avoiding them, as thoughts are mere concepts without reality, and by turning away from them, you can face reality as it is, allowing clarity and wisdom to arise, leading to a deeper understanding of yourself and the world.” Read More

Voluntary – Involuntary

ByByHolger HubbsJul 18, 2023
“By realizing this interconnectedness, individuals can find harmony and understand that what may seem like discord at one level is actually harmonious at a higher level.” Read More

The Royal way to approach suffering…

ByByHolger HubbsJul 17, 2023
Thank you Judith for recommending this! The Royal way to approach suffering….Rupert Spira by Alan Neachell Transcript: I wanted to say something in general about suffering. suffering can be dealt within various ways in this approach. and each of those ways depends upon the circumstances. So there is no general way to approach suffering. But I’d like Read More

Riding the Creative-Rollercoaster

ByByHolger HubbsJul 17, 2023
“Riding the creative-rollercoaster allows teams to step into the unknown, hold creative tension and allow newness to emerge. This is the difference between flat-lining (playing it safe and doing what you’ve always done) and learning how to ride the highs and lows of the creative process.” Read More

I am always I

ByByHolger HubbsJul 14, 2023
I am not always happy I don’t always feel free I am not always lonely but I am always me Animated Story for Children Aged 4 to 104 Book Read Aloud by Rupert Spira Read More

7 Blocks for Soli

ByByHolger HubbsJul 13, 2023
“Here’s a song I wrote. I’ve been meaning to send it to Brian, but anyone who wants to listen to it is welcome to do so.” Read More