Craving and Aversion

“When we hold onto our preferences (our likes and dislikes) we become tight. Holding onto these preferences lightly means the tight boundary of ‘me’ softens and we become permeable, allowing the eternal light of Being to infuse us and our lives.” Read More

The Royal way to approach suffering…

Thank you Judith for recommending this! The Royal way to approach suffering….Rupert Spira by Alan Neachell Transcript: I wanted to say something in general about suffering. suffering can be dealt within various ways in this approach. and each of those ways depends upon the circumstances. So there is no general way to approach suffering. But I’d Read More

New Iteration

“Kissing the toad” … not to run away. “Have the courage and the clarity to see that God neither cares nor even knows about suffering. Suffering is resistance, and God – eternal, infinite Awareness – like empty space, knows no resistance, and therefore cannot know suffering.”