Stuff 01-19-2024

“Now, when you are introduced (to your own intrinsic awareness), the method for entering into it involves three considerations…” Read More

The Six Illusions

I believe I amthe character,the story of me.THE ILLUSION OF CONTINUITY I believe I am thesubject and lifehappens to me.THE ILLUSION OF PRIMACY I believe l am(in) the body.THE ILLUSION OF CORPOREALITY I believe I am theauthor of myactions and “do”my life.THE ILLUSION OF VOLITION I believe I am a selfbecause my thoughts,perceptions, andfeelings seem Read More

A smile of love

“How high does a little smile lift us!

Silently powerful. Humble. It never pushes, it never argues. Like a little flame gently burning in the lips, it receives all pains and clears them out. A sacred secret, hiding in plain sight.” Read More