A smile of love

By Jack Melamed:

How holy is a simple smile? Inevitable, like God Himself. Some invisible ray of Heaven’s light breaks through the veil of personhood and pours through the eyes and the mouth, illuminating the world.

It is immediately contagious. It is instantly healing. It beautifies tears and colors the face with golden tenderness and bright innocence.

How high does a little smile lift us!

Silently powerful. Humble. It never pushes, it never argues. Like a little flame gently burning in the lips, it receives all pains and clears them out. A sacred secret, hiding in plain sight.

How wonderful it is to see a grievance melt away before a smile of forgiveness!

If you look closely at smiling eyes, you may notice that they stop time. Their shine pauses the world because their stillness is not of this world. With such a power so readily at our disposal, one wonders: how is it that we imagine ourselves to be inadequate or unworthy? For it takes but the slightest of expansions of our lips and heart to open the floodgates of love for this world. And save it.

Aware of this, would we not smile today? Oh, friend, let’s smile with joy and faith. For we’ll see the trees dancing in front of us to the silent music of the wind. And butterflies gathering. And birds harmonizing. All collecting together to witness and celebrate the beautiful miracle of our smile of love. May we all witness what we were created to witness. Happiness honoring happiness.

Thank you! : )

P.S. You may enjoy a lovely smile from my mother and I, a few months ago, in Puerto Colombia, the Caribbean. Territory of pirates, treasures, and endless summers.


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