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Glossary Content:

  • Individuation?


    Thank you Allen! Happy Birthday (-; Read More

  • Philosophy or Religion?

    Philosophy or Religion?

    “…the goal of philosophy [is] to liberate oneself from suffering through the use of Reason…” Read More

  • Beauty, Love, Truth

    Beauty, Love, Truth

    Beauty cannot be seen, but all perceptions shine with it. Love cannot be felt, but all feelings are made of it. Truth cannot be known, but all thoughts express it. Read More

  • Person, Ego, Separate-Self…

    Person, Ego, Separate-Self…

    Dear friends, I would like to enjoy more clarity regarding some boring words… Read More

  • non-denominational


    No one is invited, all are welcome. Read More

  • Catalyst


    “… a substance, usually used in small amounts relative to the reactants…” Read More

  • An Intimate Encounter with Your EGO

    An Intimate Encounter with Your EGO

    Thank you Walter! Read More

  • The separate self (mind) is not an entity

    The separate self (mind) is not an entity

    “…it is an activity: the activity of resisting what is present and seeking what is not present.” Read More

  • Pleasure


    “Pleasure is only a false image of joy. It is beautiful, but it is just a reflection.” Read More

  • Love


    “To love is to recognize yourself in another.” Read More