The Error of Identity

“The error of identity is at the root of psychological suffering. By noticing how self-identity is derived from our experiences, and by noticing how all experiences come and go, we can start to investigate a more true identity that is ever-present and intimate. We can start to realize our essential nature and be free of the prison of erroneous identity.” Read More

12 hours: Perfect Brilliant Stillness – David Carse

12 hours of audio recording of the book ‘Perfect Brilliant Stillness’ by David Carse. It comprises various segments such as ‘The Fine Print’, ‘Outpouring’, ‘The Jungle’ (parts I, II, and III), ‘No Guru, No Method, No Teacher’, ‘Free Fall’, ‘Love’, etc. The lengthy audio ends with an ‘Epilogue: An Eckhartian Ontology’.
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1950 LSD Test

“The subject emphasizes the sense of unity and lack of separation between individuals, using the term empathy. They conclude by referencing a quote about the blissful certainty of waking up from a dream.” Read More

Dark Matter, not real?

“Euclid is a new space telescope that will explore the dark universe, which is made of dark matter and dark energy. It has just released its first sample pictures from space, and they are amazing. Watch this video to see these pictures and learn more about Euclid and the dark universe.” Read More