1950 LSD Test

Rare footage of 1950’s housewife on LSD

Not as an endorsement for drugs,
but as an opportunity to express my gratitude for the liberating, non-addictive pointings of nonduality:

“Whatever comes, goes.”

So cool to see the me-chanism of suffering and not be intimidated by thoughts and feelings; not driven anymore by this never-ending sense of lack, the hunger for “more”.

Priceless to know this fulness – our true nature – independent of circumstances.

What a kindergarten this world is when we are hypnotized by the sense of personal doership.

Holger Hubbs

By Holger Hubbs

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  1. As far as I know, studies conducted about the effect of LSD on the brain have demonstrated that LSD significantly reduces brain activity and yet, the psychedelic experience is very ‘rich’ in its content.
    This is a very significant finding which, alongside the NDE experience, may lead us to relax our worries about ‘our ending’ upon the death of the body/mind/brain.
    In the non-dual circles, the rishis have expressed that the death of the illusory me is a very liberating experience which opens the door to happiness, celebration and contemplation.

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