Exploring Reality as God

Michael Singer: “And then you go out there and use your will to try and manipulate and control every person place or thing that comes into your entire vicinity to be the way you need it to be that will match your ego.

Do you understand? I’m not yelling at you…” Read More

Deep Rest

“Jim Carrey, a two-time Golden Globe winner, jokes about how he goes to sleep as a two-time Golden Globe winner and dreams of being a three-time winner. He acknowledges the importance of awards, even though they may not ultimately fulfill him. The audience laughs and applauds his speech. The segment then transitions to the nominees for Best Motion Picture comedy, with The Big Short being one of them.” Read More

June 18th: Adyashanti, Rupert & John

“…fascinated by pure awareness since childhood and has encountered three teachers who have helped him delve deeper into this concept. He proposes bringing these teachers together for a round table discussion on topics such as enlightenment and sacred activism. The discussion will explore how the realization of unbounded awareness can help us find balance while addressing the world’s suffering. Those who cannot attend can register for a recording.” Read More

The Origins of Andalusian Mysticism

ChatGPT: Sufism, also known as Islamic mysticism, is a complex and diverse tradition that cannot be easily defined. While it is often associated with the Middle East, Sufism also developed in Andalusia, the southern part of the Iberian Peninsula, during the Middle Ages. This unique mystical tradition was distinct from the Sufism of the East and was influenced by neoplatonism and the Safa philosophy. Read More