From ordinary to extraordinary

“Helen shares the concept of consciousness and the importance of recognizing the infinite consciousness that is present in everyday experiences. They emphasize the significance of paying attention to silence and the space around us, as well as being curious about the ordinary and taken-for-granted aspects of life. The speaker encourages viewers to value and explore the depth of silence and consciousness, suggesting that doing so can lead to a more enriching and fulfilling experience.” Read More

Stuff 01-19-2024

“Now, when you are introduced (to your own intrinsic awareness), the method for entering into it involves three considerations…” Read More

Is non-duality dangerous?

Nonduality is not dangerous, but the mind has a tendency to distort and misinterpret it.

Potential pitfalls of the mind creating a belief system around nonduality, leading to suffering and despair.

The mind loses its refuges when studying nonduality, leading to despair and hopelessness…. Read More

The Six Illusions

I believe I amthe character,the story of me.THE ILLUSION OF CONTINUITY I believe I am thesubject and lifehappens to me.THE ILLUSION OF PRIMACY I believe l am(in) the body.THE ILLUSION OF CORPOREALITY I believe I am theauthor of myactions and “do”my life.THE ILLUSION OF VOLITION I believe I am a selfbecause my thoughts,perceptions, andfeelings seem Read More