The Aloneness of Awakening (Excerpt)

The Aloneness of Awakening (Excerpt)

“The video talks about awakening from personal and cultural viewpoints, and the fear of aloneness (00:05). The speaker discusses the difference between aloneness and loneliness, using examples of Jesus and Buddha being alone but not lonely (00:36). The idea that illusions need company to sustain themselves is explored, and the fear of aloneness is discussed as a barrier to consciousness (01:13). The concept of meditation as a way to enter aloneness is introduced, with the speaker emphasizing the importance of being absolutely alone (02:20). The video also touches on the realization that one doesn’t know anything after years of spiritual practice, and the paradox of entering into aloneness and realizing absolute intimacy with all things (03:16). Finally, the speaker describes enlightenment as intimacy with all things, emphasizing the deep affinity and connection found in the experience of absolute aloneness (07:59).”

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