Marguerite Porete – “The Mirror of Simple Souls”

“Marguerite Porete (13th century – 1 June 1310) was a French-speaking mystic and the author of The Mirror of Simple Souls, a work of Christian mysticism dealing with the workings of agape (divine love). She was burnt at the stake for heresy in Paris in 1310 after a lengthy trial, refusing to remove her book from circulation or recant her views. It was reported in a chronicle that the crowd was moved to tears by the calmness of how she faced her end.” Read More

Spinoza: The Most Hated Philosopher

Spinoza’s idea of the unity of all things is relevant today, as we are all one single thing that can only survive and thrive as one or not at all. The Eternal and infinite being we call God or nature necessarily acts as it does, and we are all part of this being. This means that we cannot but love our neighbors because we are them. Spinoza’s work may be difficult to understand, but it offers an important insight into our interconnectedness and the need for unity in order to survive on this planet. Read More