Person, Ego, Separate-Self…

Dear Friends,
I would like to enjoy more clarity regarding some boring words:

  1. individualized consciousness
  2. human
  3. person
  4. separate-self
  5. ego

Also, what are the viewpoints, from where those words might be defined differently?

Thank you for your interest and sharing!

PS: Great Garden Of Friends meeting this morning ❤️😇
“For all things are possible with God [no-thing]”
… simply by being together in the same appreciation, sensitivity, vulnerability we allow Life to flow, to warm our hearts and to tickle our brains.

Holger Hubbs

By Holger Hubbs

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  1. I feel that all five words essentially mean the same thing. The trick is to allow our viewpoint to shift back from ego to the universal self. While this isn’t difficult, it is not our usual habit of attention, so it does take a bit of practice.

    1. Thank you David ❤️
      Are you saying that “ego” is undesirable and “universal self” preferable?

  2. I know that some people believe that opinions and beliefs are to be avoided, but I can’t agree with such a rigid view, so, yes, I do in fact believe that ego is a source of problems for the person and universal self is the source of solutions to the person, and actually the ultimate irreducible reality of every aspect of life.

    1. Thank you David for shining light on that.
      Now we add ‘Universal Self’ to it as well.

      There is ‘impersonal’ and ‘personal’.
      Is there a confused / dysfunctional aspect, or is there only an overlooking of our true nature?

      ‘Human’ as a discernment from ‘animal’?

      Can we say: There is a beauty in coming together and thinking as one; I, personally have undoubtedly uncounted blindspots and shortcomings, but it is not a problem.

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