Can We Really Know?

Hi friends,

Where are we going from here? Where is this new year taking us? What is this life we have? What is this for each one of us?

I think these are a handful of questions that even though put a smile on my face, leave a lump of anxiety in the pit of my stomach, too.

Often, in conversations, I may hear or have the desire to respond to a friend’s heartfelt questions by stating the words “not knowing is the most intimate.” A reaching expressed by wise ancestors who have meant openness and freedom by stating these words. But wait! Can not knowing what I plan to do or achieve or believe really find me that peace of mind I’m looking for? How is one to comprehend this ancient message, one of perhaps pointing us to be present at the moment when the world seems to ask so much of us? Maybe by looking into who we understand to be, who is the one feeling and being burdened by those pressures and then thinking of grasping or not the notion of knowing, is the ultimate question to look at?

When we’re alive, inspired, and feel healthy, we want to know what our next move will be not because we are attached to that notion of knowing but because we feel more open and curious about the possibilities it will bring us. This to me, can be translated as “not knowing is the most intimate” since we can move from a place of less anxiety, less fear, and more of a place and space of freedom and of who we are, naturally.

I invite you to ponder and wonder about who you are and how you see this intimacy of not knowing especially when you’re wandering about in the world.

Life has inevitable and unexpected changes in friendships, in careers, in decision makings. There will always be sweetness and a bittersweetness to it. They both taste good but different, right? Realizing how our physical lives are fleeting and yet so precious on earth, how can we live overriding these thoughts and emotions of spreading this joy of who we are to others.

When and if you’re quietly sitting or taking walks, surprised by the sound of a bird, a flashing light or shadow, a loud noise, or even an appearance of a hopping bunny, you may be suddenly taken away from all your counterintuitive thoughts, worries, the what to dos and don’ts, and be anchored in the present, discovering who you are and not wanting to know anything more than that!

Let’s try to manifest this alone and with each other, at every opportunity we can welcome with open arms.

Until next time,

Stay well, Sylvia xoxo.

Sylvia Arkilanian

By Sylvia Arkilanian

Life as Art, Art as Life

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