Two Things for All

“There are two things we all should know.

First, there is a place of peace in us that is always accessible irrespective of what is taking place in our lives.

Second, we share our being with everyone and everything.

Everybody knows their being, but because it is mixed with thoughts and feelings, we do not know it clearly, so the peace and
quiet joy that is the nature of our being is not fully felt.

The deeper we sink into being, the less agitation and
sorrow we experience. A human being is not a personal
being, but God’s being clothed in human experience. The
highest form of meditation is to sound the divine name
‘I am’ and allow oneself to be drawn into that to which
it refers. We see God’s being, our being, in and as
everything and everyone, and relate to it as that.

Peace on the inside; love and beauty on the outside.”

Blue Hippo

By Blue Hippo

An old friend, mostly off-line; preferring her privacy.

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