Realization in Every Experience

Nondual Realization is Directly Available to You
in Every Experience | Amoda Maa

“Nondual realization is not dependent on any practice or method. It is a direct knowing that is available to you, when there is a shift in perspective that sees beyond subject and object. When you stop grasping experience, stop rejecting experience, stop labeling experience, and instead meet reality from presence and openness, this shift naturally takes place and returns you to true nature of mind and being.”

00:00 The video discusses non-dual realization – the recognition that we are not separate from anything, that the perceived duality of self and other is an illusion. This realization reveals our true nature as pure beingness, the groundless ground of reality.

01:44 Non-dual realization is freedom from the prison of a limited ego identity. It is a direct knowing that comes from an undoing of the mind’s habitual grasping at experiences, the division into subject and object.

04:03 This freedom comes from resting in the space of pure presence and openness, which is not separate from the appearances of experience. This understanding does not require meditation, but rather deep questioning and the capacity to see the suffering caused by the grasping mind.

05:00 The core teaching is about resting in this non-dual, open presence amidst all of life’s experiences.

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