The Secret Life Of Plants

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The Secret Life of Plants part 1 of 4 India
The Secret Life of Plants part 2 of 4 Cleve Baxter

The Secret Life of Plants part 3 of 4 Human Interaction
The Secret Life of Plants part 4 of 4 Russian Experiments
Holger Hubbs

By Holger Hubbs

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  1. These videos about plants 🌱 are fascinating. Sentience as it relates to plants is now better comprehended.
    When we contemplate the subatomic structure of phenomena, a deeper understanding about the meaning of sentience is possible.
    The infinite invisible aspect of reality does not leave anything untouched.
    A deeper and a different exploration will reveal that not only Gods touch is everywhere but that there is nothing outside of this universal reality.
    In religious terms: All is God. Only God is.
    In non-religious Advaitic terms: There is one reality. Thus non-duality, Advaita.

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