Ego = Psychological Process

Understanding the Ego as a
Psychological Process | Amoda Maa
  • 00:00 The ego is often misunderstood as a tangible thing, but it’s actually a process, not a form.
  • 02:38 Interpreting and interfering with our experiences leads to identification with them, creating a divided mind.
  • 04:28 Suppressing intense emotions affects us negatively, and the process of interpretation and interference forms the ego.
  • 07:02 The ego formation is influenced by cultural conditioning and becomes our identity.
  • 08:43 Our identity is derived from the content of our experiences, leading to a limited sense of self.
  • 10:45 It’s about unhooking identity from experience and undoing the scaffolding that holds it together.
  • 13:29 By stopping the labeling and interference with experience, we can connect with the direct felt sense of reality.
  • 15:55 Many strategies exist to avoid uncomfortable feelings, contributing to the prison of self-identity.
  • 17:39 When we free ourselves from deriving identity from experience, we open up to infinity and consciousness.
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