• Life as pure Awareness

    “Transcending from Personal identity to Pure Awareness will make your life blissful and peaceful. This is the path of NO resistance in harmony with the Divine in you.” Read More

  • He who perceives Me

    “He who perceives Me everywhere and beholds everything in Me never loses sight of Me, nor do I ever lose sight of him.” Read More

  • Tattva Bodha

    “…a concise and systematic exposition on the fundamental principles (tattvas) of Vedanta, designed to impart self-knowledge and lead the seeker to liberation (moksha).” Read More

  • REFUSE MIND’s Biscuit

    “… not a lot of things you have to conquer to find yourself, just to watch the me-chanism of the mind and identity.” “Stay only as the formless witness. Don’t pick up anything from the mind.” Read More

  • Craving and Aversion

    “When we hold onto our preferences (our likes and dislikes) we become tight. Holding onto these preferences lightly means the tight boundary of ‘me’ softens and we become permeable, allowing the eternal light of Being to infuse us and our lives.” Read More

  • Cleo Sol – Butterfly

    Lyrics: I see your body full of hate Crying out for someone to save the day I tell you God makes no mistakes Your time will come, have faith Read More