• Practicing words…

    Thank you for our meeting today. “Truth belongs to everyone”. Read More

  • 06-25-2022

    Life is more than what we think and feel… We grow our “me” based on thoughts and feelings, pleasure and pain, reward and punishment. Unaware of the nature of mind we belief “I am this body-mind” and call it reality. For decades we think and feel on behalf of this imagined identity.For a while this Read More

  • GOF 06-24-2022

    Never-ending content, but being content in knowing what to look for. Read More

  • Singularity – Francis

    Singularity: The Real ‘I’ is the Point From Which Everything Emanates Read More

  • Message too long…

    Thank you David for not taking my proud and foolish words personally; and for not getting distracted. Read More

  • A blessing and a warning

    Mr Vedanta, are you real? Read More