• Goodnow!

    Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, goodnight, good day… This past year has brought the world to my computer screen. This understanding knows no borders or time zones! There is a challenge in keeping everyone’s time zones in mind and therefore I propose a universal greeting: goodnow! Read More

  • How I go to the woods

    “If you have ever gone to the woods with me, I must love you very much.” Read More

  • The Advaita Trap 1: Absolute and Relative Confusion – The Cartoon

    Thank you David Adam for sharing this video. Read More

  • Buttercups

    “I’ve become a simple soul, The old ideas of what I need I’ve left, in their tangled mess, Down by the river” Read More

  • Morning

    Some words from the morning… From the tender arms of darkness The morning rises like smoke – Into nothingness. Each breathing lung of this cosmic family Breathes Herself into Herself. With soft, inviting palms, The morning offers her sunlight And clothes each eye With kisses.

  • The Destiny of Freedom from Kant to Heidegger (Philippe Nonet)

    Thank You Allen for sharing those videos/lectures. Gratitude for simplicity, art, love, beauty, intelligence… Read More