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An Evaluation of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Poetics
This essay evaluates different aspects of Emerson’s poetics, explicating the brilliance and relevance of his thinking. Before exploring in detail the different facets of his thought, I contextualise it in the poetry of the Persians, particularly Hafiz, showing how both inspiration and confirmation act as indicators of Emerson’s timeless wisdom.

Is there a Hard Problem of Consciousness?
Is consciousness a product of brain activity? Those that say yes are left with the problem of explaining how exactly that happens – non-conscious stuff producing conscious experience. Such a view, this essay argues, is subject to persuasive criticism. Could, in fact, all of reality be the activity of a transpersonal Mind whereby sentient individuals are temporary localisations? Such a view would have the support of the great spiritual traditions and mystics…

Beauty as Experience: Beyond Subjective and Objective Theories
This essay proposes that the understanding of beauty in solely subjectivist or objectivist terms is unsatisfactory in providing a complete theory that accounts for the true nature of the experience. The view developed is that beauty, in its highest form, refers to that experience wherein there is a collapse of the distinction between subject and object, an experience without spatial or temporal designation and beyond conceptualisation.

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