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12-14-2021, 7:40 AM

Gautam had a small gathering at Priyam’s apartment in Rishikesh (-;


Dear Alan, I feel deeply stirred – but not shaken.

Deeply moved by your compilation of Darryl Bailey.
He is using the term “Nondual Presenter”!

So wonderful, the simplicity, the clarity, … I feel like my old unaware efforts and identity have nothing to hold onto.

Alan, please allow me to invite you to our… a bunch of truth lovers, on average maybe 8-16 Zoom rectangles.

Yesterday we spoke about “you” and deeply appreciated your sensitive youtube compilations ❤️

… sorry Alan, I allow myself to rattle along…

“Nondual Presenter” is such an elegant and powerful term!
It cuts away, it demystifies.

I envision as a directory for “teachers”, a hub for truth lovers and a glossary of terms (from different angles).

Some days ago a friend suggested to start a non-profit organization and offered his expertise…

For me it is priceless to be connected with human beings who are […] in exploring the nature of reality.

Thank you Alan!

I’d love to welcome you to our informal


Holger Hubbs

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