Can I find myself in a mirror?

“Can I find myself in a mirror?” asks Ramana Maharshi, and continues: “Because you look outwards you have lost sight of the Self and your vision is external…….Turn your gaze within.” Nor is this difficult, he assures us: “It is absurd….the idea that to see other things is easy but to look within is hard. It must be the other way round.”

Happiness is inherent and not due to external causes. One must realize one Self in order to open the store of unalloyed happiness. Is someone else going to do this for you, some guru or external agency?

You are the authority there at zero degrees from yourself as you are the only one there where you are; and looking deeply you will find that there is no one there at all; no imaginary person or entity whatsoever only pure consciousness, this naked, non conceptual knowledge or knowing I am.

This knowledge I am is the nectar of immortality, simple isn’t it, too simple for words and that is why we all miss it as we are caught up in words, concepts and acquired knowledge; in other words we are caught up in the mind which is time

– Mark West

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