Useful calculations – energy vs carbon

Isn’t it fascinating how much energy it takes to operate this body-mind… food, shelter, clothing… growing food, transportation, providing water, removing waste… amazing 😎


“As an example let’s consider the internet, which is made up of many interconnected networks. Energy is used in the form of electricity to enable the transmission of data across the network. There are many different telecoms companies operating networks of varying sizes around the world. Some of these are large enough to publish annual environmental reports, either voluntarily or because their size triggers mandatory disclosure regulations.

Telefónica is one such company. Based in Spain, they operate large networks in Germany, UK, France, Brazil, Peru, US and various other regions. Their annual report says that in 2020 they consumed 6,863,728 MWh of energy, of which 4,918,373 MWh was renewable.”

Holger Hubbs

By Holger Hubbs

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