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I feel like moving away from the old way of sending out invitations; considering email privacy and simplicity.

My new idea is that I post invitations here on and whoever is interested can subscribe and unsubscribe at will.

Yes, no, maybe?
Please either comment here or send an email to
Thank you (-;

Happy New Year ❤️ “Life is not a problem, but a mystery.” Zoom Meeting

Please feel welcome to join us Monday 01-03-2022 at 7:00 AM California time at

“Structure supports spontaneity”

As a draft… some ideas to explore:

  • Our meetings are not aimed at “making sense”, but higher than that.
  • You are welcome to join, but you don’t need to impress.
  • If you find it hard to speak up, raise your hand and we make space for you.
  • We all sit in the same boat, there is only One Awareness living as you, me, them.
  • Listening and being aware of the listener is more important than being right.
  • Our buttons might be pushable for others; it’s OK, it is your gift to relax and inquire: who is invested in opinions, in outcomes?
  • We can speak about anything, we just want to be increasingly clear on whose behalf the talking happens.
Holger Hubbs

By Holger Hubbs

Greetings from California. Please don't hesitate to email me at regarding this and that.,,,

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