We… (thoughts on a Sunday morning)

…gather and chat, debate, laugh, defend, offend, understand – then can fail too.
GOF is, in the end, a loveable place. But not the Garden, of course, but the friends, those that Are the Garden. Like flowers, we attendees are various but have roots that hold to the same singular reality, which establishes our oneness. Yet I feel this often goes unheeded at the times when we argue our own little patch/appearance as if our very existence depended on it. All of us here know in our bones and beyond, the Unity, that Consciousness that we are, that I, and that That I is all there is. But we insist our differences, become offended, and may even choose to be abrasive. Why? What is going on? What are we forgetting? That there is really, no we.

This is the hard bit for most people
… but why isn’t it easier for us who attend the Garden in Its honour? That the Garden, its friends, their characters, personalities, histories, ideas, beliefs, proclivities etc…are Illusory. Why clasp the illusion so tightly that it hurts, not just others, but yourself too?

Why not attend the Garden of Friends (Life completely)
… never forgetting that you are not who or what you Appear to be; in the knowledge of your fugitive cameo scripted self, unautonomous, virtual.. but Knowing it.. and enjoy the fun the Universe has allowed you, minus the angst: in the world, but not of it.


Kevin Harlow

By Kevin Harlow


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