there is no time

This is not difficult to understand. The present moment is so brief as to be virtually nonexistent. It is sandwiched between two convincing illusions but contains both. But if there is no time, then what is distance? Distance/space cannot exist. It would have to be known and this knowing would take time, which we know, does not really exist. Yet the space that allows me to write this and earlier, to move downstairs and make breakfast, is very convincing.

We talk about Here. All happens Here – and Now. The here, is it within me? Is it a physical, measurable space that I occupy, or is it the limits of my perception, stretching to horizon near or far? I walk a hundred yards to that tree over there, when I get to that abstract There I will realize that, I am still Here. In fact I am Here every step of the way and can never step away from my Here-ness.

All There, is experienced Here. And only here. And if this is true then There must be dependent on Here, like past and future are dependent on Now. Like this, I am reduced to a dimensionless point radiating reality, occupying none of it, yet experiencing all.

Hi Holger, I offer this Sunday muse up for the non-duality site. Just trying to clarify my inklings – if that’s not an offense 🙂 Kevin.

Kevin Harlow

By Kevin Harlow



  1. Kevin, I agree with the spirit behind these words. But any attempt to be so specific about consciousness will never be fully satisfying, because it is trying to use the truth of the finite mind to describe the truth of infinite consciousness. These will always be separate and different truths until the mind is let go, after which it will be seen that there is only one truth. In particular, describing ‘now’ as being a tiny moment sandwiched between past and future does not really describe how the mind takes time seriously but inconsistently, or how consciousness is actually timeless. Hope this helps.

    1. Hi David, thanks for your comments. I know something of your background and I appreciate where you are coming from. My description of my thoughts and experience is the best I can come up with for now. I understand your objections and see why you might raise them, from your view point. But allowing for the plain fact that no, I cannot know the absolute but only at best articulate what I think and perceive then for me what I expressed in my muse is valid. I am open to any alternative views, this is why I post.

      Be good to talk this through with you in the Garden when I finally find my way back.


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