Inforbidable Meeting Notes 01-17-2022

07:00:41 From (me/myself/i):


sensation feeling
aware of body mind world
thought emotion me

me separate-self
identity suffering
Empty investment

07:11:12 From David (Maine):

Sundays 11 AM, Vedanta Society of New York
Swami Sarvapriyananda


07:15:39 From Ethan Ellappa:
When you know how to listen everybody is the guru – Ram Dass

07:16:26 From Lisa Vallon:
Who is showing who what?

07:17:30 From Lisa Vallon:
that’s the game

07:18:32 From Lisa Vallon:

07:20:30 From David (Maine):
I feel that my connection is unstable.

07:21:18 From playing Manfred:
I undeerstand David, I know this trouble

07:20:40 From M a t t S e n a:
love that circle image Ethan

07:23:28 From Lisa Vallon:
If “I” attain my desire, whatever that may be, then “I” will be happy. The laughter comes when the “I” is dropped and all we are is HAPPINESS

07:23:38 From Ethan Ellappa:
yeah problem is the router is in a different room

07:23:57 From (me/myself/i):
… from consumer to creator…

forgod your Essence.

07:25:47 From David (Maine):
What George says makes me itch…

Let’s get this Enlightenment thing.

07:30:15 From Lisa Vallon:

Billy Joel – Vienna (Audio)

07:32:14 From Lisa Vallon:
It’s a trip of no distance from ignorance to knowing / being’

07:33:14 From (me/myself/i):
confetti machine
becoming what we are

07:39:59 From Lisa Vallon:
the one who thinks itself limited is a fiction

07:43:15 From Lisa Vallon:
you are speaking for an illusion Ha-ha!
I’ve been everywhere, man! I’ve been everywhere!

07:46:14 From (me/myself/i):
“Tabula rasa is the theory that individuals are born without built-in mental content, and therefore all knowledge comes from experience or perception”.

Walter, great photo.

07:46:48 From Walter

07:47:11 From Ethan Ellappa:
I agree it’s great!

07:47:29 From Walter


tabula rasa
I welcome what appears now
each breath saying yes

07:47:27 From Ethan Ellappa:
also your book is lovely

I’ve got it on Kindle and I’d still recommend it 🙂

07:51:53 From Adam A.:
can someone share what I type in to find it on kindle?

07:52:04 From Lisa Vallon:
Take Heart Seeker

07:52:18 From (me/myself/i):
Walter Cecchini

07:47:35 From Lisa Vallon:
-Johnny Cash

07:49:38 From David (Maine):
Tabular rasa explains everything except karma from previous lives (prabdha karma).

07:55:47 From Jason H:
thank u 4 having me i have to go

07:56:03 From David (Maine):
It was fun having you, Jason.
Come and be had again.

07:56:41 From (me/myself/i):

08:04:28 From David (Maine):
My first haiku:

Discussion happened.
We went on a long complex trip
Achieving no goal.

08:04:56 From Ethan Ellappa:

08:04:57 From Lisa Vallon:
I like that one, David!

08:05:02 From Ethan Ellappa:
Rainless wintertime
where a little, tiger snorts
because of the rock

08:05:50 From David (Maine):
“As long as the roots are not severed, all is well. And all will be well in the garden.” – Chauncey Gardiner, Being There

08:06:59 From Lisa Vallon:
A pruning can be good at times

08:07:16 From David (Maine):
Prune juice can be good at tines.

08:07:35 From Lisa Vallon:
All points of view doing what is “best” from that vantage point

there is no “little you” doing the doing. No worries

08:08:58 From David (Maine):
A beautiful metaphor is a joy forever.

08:10:08 From Lisa Vallon:
the body mind will be moved like a chess piece by Life and then tell the story of how “i” took action

08:10:59 From Lisa Vallon:
who is this you doing the discerning?

Life may move the action figure through apparent discernment

i am hearing SHOW [George]

08:19:47 From Lisa Vallon:
safe and warm while the storm happens within us

08:16:24 From David (Maine):
My first limerick:
I wanted to shine
and have a good time
but things were unstable
and I was not able
to find the last rhyme

08:24:00 From George ♡
“I never thought I’d die alone; I laughed the loudest, who would have known. I trace the cord back to the wall, no wonder it was never plugged in at all.”

08:28:10 From Ethan Ellappa:
Try this – Give your mind a name

08:28:47 From Lisa Vallon:
This appearing as that

all of Maya is an imagining of sorts

that too is a part of maya, Daivid

no “but” really, it is all maya

different dimensions are also maya

Coffee, however is REAL! Brb

08:38:59 From Ethan Ellappa:
the all is mind; the universe is mental

08:41:33 From David (Maine):
Conjecture: consciousness was alone so long it went insane and created a universe.

Flaw is that this views consciousness as a person.

08:42:26 From Lisa Vallon:
the 10th man story

08:44:09 From Ethan Ellappa:
“The tenth man counts the other nine, each of whom is visible to him, but forgets himself, though his Self is ever known to him”.

Swami Sarvapriyananda expands on the allegory of “the Tenth Man” as taught in Chapter 7 of the book, Pancadasi by Vidyaranya.

This chapter is inspired from a verse from the Brihadharanyaka Upanishad (Mantra 4.4.12):

“If a man knows the Self as ‘I am this,’ then desiring what and for whose sake will he suffer in the wake of the body?”

08:50:47 From Lisa Vallon:
Here is a wonder story about an old, empty barn:

08:51:24 From Lisa Vallon:
there was nothing in it

08:54:41 From (me/myself/i):
“Beam me up Scotty, there is no intelligence on this planet.”

08:54:53 From Lisa Vallon:
live long and prosper

08:54:57 From playing Manfred:
Thank you Ethan

08:55:26 From Lisa Vallon:
“She’s Breakin up, Captain! I can’t hold her much longer!”

08:55:51 From David (Maine):
Damn it, I’m a doctor, not a philosopher!

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  1. I really like George’s poem. It’s the koan for the week.
    My comment on the koan: Many times I have tried to trace the cord back to the Self. But I hit a wall. I thought I was plugged into the body/mind. But it was just emptiness. I was unplugged. You won’t die alone; you are everyone.

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