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On Fri, Jan 21, 2022 at 11:06am,
Matt Sena wrote:

It’s my experience that the separate self is heavily invested in its survival: why would it let you know about your spiritual progress?

It’s my experience that spiritual progress comes from beyond the separate self: would the separate self’s mind be able to quantify that which is beyond it?

It’s my experience that spiritual progress is full of paradox on the phenomenal plane: why would the “more monster” ego be happy about becoming a spiritual loser?

Simply put, improvement is beyond the mind. Why would you mind know or want to tell you about it?

Gratitude gratitude, for no reason, for no one.

Infinite Love,

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  1. Your understanding of nonduality and the role of the ego appears to be deep, yet you display again and again as a believer in odd beliefs that appear each to have many untrue components, heavily believed in to the point of eager and unrelenting defense. What is the ego value of believing firmly in bizarre and untrue concepts? I ask not because I need an answer, but because some introspection may be of help to you. Of course, I have my limitations, too. But I would hope you would take these words as an opportunity to introspect rather than turn it around as an attack on me.

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