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I am

“I am living ‘my’ life”

I am being lived, and things are unfolding in harmonious ways I could have never imagined or planned.

Life is a problem that needs to be solved via personal struggle/force.

Life is a mystery and gift that can only be lived/experienced.

Identified as personal doer.

“Events happen, deeds are done,
but there is no individual doer thereof.”

Happiness is assumed to be found in (temporary) pleasure

Happiness through unbroken peace of mind; happiness is our true nature.

Thoughts and feeling are very important, they guide me, they give me a sense of self.

Thoughts and feelings belong to body-mind-world; they don’t know who I am.

Unable to sit still for 5 minutes.

Fulfillment, Peace; independent of circumstances.

Lonely or afraid when there is no outer stimulation.

Maybe alone, but never lonely; one with Life.

Sense of a separate-self

Presence of Awareness

Uncertainty is a problem

The wisdom of “I don’t know” is itself the Presence of intelligence.

Gain of function

Synchronicity, flow, generosity; being lived.

Assumed security in the right circumstances.

Right identification and knowing/trusting the reality and power of biological intelligence that not only governs every function in the body.

Not understanding suffering.

Effortless, practical discernment between separate-self and Awareness; being knowingly the presence of awareness.

The sense of “me” is a habitual thought and feeling, rooted in the deeply ingrained unexamined belief that “I am body-mind”.

“I am” prior to the arising of mind. In the last analysis I cannot say what I am, but undoubtedly I am; aware of “body-mind-world”.

“Practice” and “journey” for an assumed “me”.

Knowing the truth, being myself.

I need to improve and fulfill myself.

I am already, I don’t need to become.

Survival of the fittest.
“Bigger is better”.

Three legitimate uses of the mind:
Celebrating Life, being practical, sharing.

accumulation of information

Unlearning; the paradox of being fully present in my own absence.

“making sense” is the benchmark, the boundary of the me-bubble.

Paradoxes can be allowed, I don’t need to take sides in order to “be” (safe and fulfilled).

What is in it for me?

What does Life want me to do?

“I think therefore I am”.

I am, therefore I think ❤️

… mind is trained to separate, to see danger.

What do we have in common?
Thinking allowed, thinking aloud.

Money, profit and public recognition are the indicators for success.

What do I really want?
Doesn’t everything worthy deliver peace of mind.

Baby food for grownups

Dear friend,

This is not intended for entertainment, but shared as an invitation for delightful contemplation, with lots of inner listening and resting. The acknowledgment of our true nature is the key to end suffering; our sense of lack and limitation.

“Embrace with your heart what mind cannot understand”.

What we really long for is available 24/7, always here and now.
Is it correct to say that it requires humility to admit that our human struggle was rooted in willfulness, in faulty thinking?

Thinking allowed, thinking aloud

If you see fit, please send a short pair of
“me” – “I am” to Holger@Viewpoint.Gallery.

Preferably in a language that everyone can allow to hear.
Maybe the distinction is “scientific” and “poetic”?

Sorry for the mental confetti, I welcome ideas on how to edit, sort, simplify or summarize certain viewpoints; who knows what comes out of this…

I am still looking for some relevant and engaging content for BasicWisdoms.com (for all) and CorePointers.com for some practical refinement.

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