Lullaby For The Seeker

Rest, weary one.

Lay your head down.

You have travelled far.

I have no clever words for you.

No system to teach.

No image to maintain.

You’ll find no philosophy here.

No answers to your many questions.

I offer only presence.


A bed. A meal. 

A small kindness to repay yours.

I am no better than you.

My guru is life.

My lineage is love.

I do not separate

the enlightened from the unenlightened.

I teach nothing I do not live.

I quote not from books 

but from the cracks in the heart. 

I see your fragility 

yet I see your immense power.

You are not broken.

Don’t let them tell you 

that you are broken.

We met long ago 

when dust settled to form worlds.

I think I saw your courage then.

Close your eyes; 

I will keep watch tonight.

Jeff Foster

Priyam Saini

By Priyam Saini

Painter, Art Lover, Human Being...
I am a visual artist exploring mediums and states of consciousness.
I live and work in Rishikesh, India.


  1. Yes, Jeff Foster from the extreme end of nonduality. The simple question to ask in response to such “teaching” is: if a teacher has no guidance to offer a seeker, if a teacher says that they have no philosophy, no teaching, and that they have no status that is any closer to the goal of self-realization and the elimination of suffering, then what damned good is that teacher? You might as well learn nonduality from a stone or the nonsense coming from your TV. If you follow such an admittedly unqualified teacher, then you are destined for frustration as your goal. You are wasting your time here in the waking state.

    The wonderful thing about the teachers who actually teach, and are actually qualified to be teachers, at the other extreme of nonduality, is that you can learn from them and be more likely to achieve self-realization, and with it peace and happiness.

    Do you want to lull your mind with extreme intellectual dogma, or do you want to transform your life based on actual experience? That is the important decision facing all of us on this path.

    The above is just my opinion. I am not a qualified teacher.

    1. Dear David, when will you be qualified to teach?

      What is missing on your side, with so much mental understanding?

      Isn’t so called awakening or self-realization simply the recognition of our true nature as formless Awareness?

      Effortless, who could claim an achievement of self-realization?

      What about the gift of humility, of having overlooked the obvious for decades.

      How do you explain suffering?

      I love this Shakespeare quote:
      “I can easier teach twenty what were good to be done than be one of the twenty to follow mine own teaching”.

      In mental academia teaching seems to be the highest purpose; maybe it is overrated?

      Thank you David for your openness and bravery to have nothing anymore to entertain your mind with; what is missing right here and now?

      What veils our true nature?
      What disturbs the peace of being?

      Expectations, blame, shame, guilt, pride, worry arise from the delusion of personal doership.

      Mooji is a great friend:
      “Truth is simple, the seeker is complex.”
      “Excitement is a scam of the mind.”

      Isn’t it amazing how the separate-self manages to keep its imagined existence alive.

      Waking up from the dream of “me”; to acknowledge and honor what always IS; that which is closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet; somehow we manage to overlook the obvious.

      I am.

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