Too Mental?

“If you’re not accustomed to self-inquiry
it may seem a bit mental,
a bit intellectual.
But I want to encourage you!
I did not grow up in
an intellectual environment,
and when I first came across
this exercise of introspection
it felt like trying to get my head
around something complicated.
But if you persist with self-inquiry
and don’t just go with the mind,
with resistance and so on,
something will just open up inside you.
You will find the simplicity
of what is here to be discovered;
you will know and be that inseparable,
indivisible, timeless place.
That is the only constant
that exists in life,
and the great news is
that you can discover this now.”

Holger Hubbs

By Holger Hubbs

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    1. Thank you David for your sensitivity and openness.
      Not to kill the messenger, but to embrace the message.
      If it resonates in you then it is maybe good enough.

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