Me or I am?

All words as concessions:

Dear Xyz,
“me” or “I am”?

What is the difference?

“Me” lives in thinking/past, “I am” is the light of Awareness – Life itself.

For a while “I am“ is maybe just a thought, that’s OK.

An effortless thought.

Thoughts are powerful, they make people suffer, they make people sick, thoughts make people afraid, thoughts and feelings can intimidate people and make this gift of life appear to be hell.


maybe a thought as of right now.
A pointer to be aware again of and as the inner space (yourself).

One inner space, one Awareness, one Love.

Xyz, I trust your sincerity in getting clear about your assumed paper tigers.
Xyz, I trust you in bravely looking at the critters in the depth of your well/being, as an effortless exploration in the moment.

Thoughts and feelings don’t know you!
Suffering is our own mental activity, based on faulty childhood thinking!

“Pick up your bed and move.”

You are Awareness, you are not a ‘thing’!
You are indestructible, unchanging, pristine.

Go for gold, not peanuts, like Mooji says.

The gold is in right identification, in knowing who you are!

I AM – faceless, formless, pristine Awareness – effortlessly aware of body-mind-world.

Xyz, I have no expectations, besides that you establish yourself in the clarity, strength and power of knowing and allowing your true effortless nature; I want to enjoy you as my beautiful and intelligent friend, here in this play of life, in the world of ideas.

You are precious, you are not a little cute …, but an amazing wo-man who knows and lives the difference between story and reality.

No thought or feeling can kill you, unless you are lost in the dream.

I AM – gentle, pristine, effortless – is your alarm clock.

Do stuff, gently; spend time with the timeless for no reason!

Not to get more energy, not to get more…

Positive change comes automatically, effortlessly when you are knowingly the presence of Awareness… while sitting on the toilet, while feeling seemingly uncomfortable, while believing to be lonely, while afraid to miss your last opportunity.

“Me” is a mental construct, “I am” is Love itself!

You cannot serve two masters.

Love is not a sweet fuzzy feeling; love is the power to say yes and no from a place of wisdom and humility.

Me-thinking is dumb and limited!
Listen to Life, be yourself as I am, comfortable with the seeming emptiness of “I don’t know” (but not as an excuse).

I demand from you Xyz, that you lovingly care for yourself by resting and acting in and as “I am”.
“Ask and you receive” is a simple instruction!
The asking is also your inquiry… is this feeling/thought true? Who is the sufferer?

Please allow some humor… all your misery is somehow (innocently) self-inflicted, only you can get up and walk your talk, discern story from mystery.

Please Xyz, just as an exercise reply to this message out of the moment; don’t wait!
Waiting is a trick of “me” to kill the immediacy and love of I am.
“Me” is personal limitation, I am is Life itself.
Be brave, don’t fear paper tigers, but look and see what is really always!
No need to fake, allow some humility.

All of this is not for a private Xyz, but for Life, Love, Intelligence, Beauty to freely and freshly shine into this assumed world of darkenss and ignorance; you are the Light of Awareness; don’t be afraid, don’t get lost in empty excitement.

I love you Xyz, and I demand clarity from you; clarity in thinking and reasoning, for your own sake.

First know yourself as I am and then things can change; life is an art, don’t judge by appearances.

Be wise, it is not complicated, it is rather very simple: bravely, gently face your fears, your suffering… who is aware… I am!
Not the me-story, but Life itself as I am, the light of Awareness.

There are no problems, only faulty thinking that can be adjusted.

Only what is false can die and has to die.

It is wonderful knowing you.

I have no personal expectations!
I don’t want anything from “you”.
Allow intimacy in your heart and mind; fear is irrational; you are the open empty space in which body-mind-world appear and disappear.

Holger Hubbs

By Holger Hubbs

Greetings from California. Please don't hesitate to email me at regarding this and that.,,,


  1. “Thoughts are powerful, they make people suffer, they make people sick.”

    It is often thought that thoughts have evil or good power and can create psychological problems. This is a favorite idea of many psychologists, so they try to change patterns of thinking (such as in Cognitive Behavior Training, or CBT).

    However, thoughts are more of a symptom than a cause. When we have trauma, mental dysfunction, unhappiness, and limitations, it is natural for unwanted thoughts to arise. These are not the cause of our suffering! Unwanted thoughts are the results of a malfunctioning nervous system, not the cause of any malfunction.

    Changing our thoughts is at best a waste of time, and at worst a path to greatly increasing our suffering by increasing effort (effort is always unnatural) and focus (focus on the mind makes suffering worse).

    Find out who you are (that you are actually infinite consciousness) such as by abiding in the inner peace of the Self, and this experience of discovery will begin wiping out problems and changing our thoughts naturally. In a natural way we begin to let go of obsessive thoughts and move toward thoughts that are pleasant and expressive of love, joy, and satisfaction.

    Many people believe in “daily affirmations”, believing that repeating life-positive thoughts will make us life-positive. It really works the other way around: becoming more life-positive generates more life-positive thoughts.

    Find a teaching and practices that resonate with you, that lead you toward peace and happiness, and all else will follow. “Good thoughts” and dogmatic nonduality are a waste of time.

    These are my opinions, not proven fact, based on my insights, my experiences, and my training.

    1. Thank you David…
      for your mental precision.
      I used a dramatization to bypass the thinking mind.

      Yes, thoughts are effects.
      Your opinions feel very firm.

  2. Nice stuff Holger, and David’s. For me it’s good to read your rambling inspirations because it’s a message that needs to get through and repetition can be very effective…’mommy, daddy’and welcome to duality.. As for a ‘defective nervous system’ couldn’t this term just be another of the infinite synonyms for Consciousness? We play the game of duality and contradiction, tirelessly. O.k, so let’s play at being a soldier, or a teacher or a tramp or scientist or whatever else you can imagine with all their particular angles, biases, limits, all the stuff that makes this game so colorful and compelling: but let’s not lose sight of the Truth while we’re at it. A faulty nervous system is no more the source of wrong thinking than a tap is the source of water. This is the disastrous game we can’t seem to free ourselves from, sufficiently. Awareness, Consciousness, is the source of the water, the tap, the bottle, Holger, Kevin, our faculty minds and absolutely all else. If we want to be real. And these are my fault thoughts and opinion. (So I foolishly believe).


    1. The core “faulty thought” being “I am this body-mind”?

      Exploring this… who am I?

      Isn’t it all about inner space…
      feeling comfortable in our skin, here and now.

      Honoring peace.
      Knowing that Peace is the Source of all, I am.

      “Happiness through peace of mind, in daily living, independent of circumstances.”

  3. Reply to Kevin: “A faulty nervous system is no more the source of wrong thinking than a tap is the source of water.”

    I cannot agree. Many of my clients suffer from anxiety, fear, and other forms of “wrong thinking”, yet these symptoms disappear when transcending (deep rest) fixes the nervous system by eliminating some of its accumulated stresses (dysfunctions due to overloads of experience). If a faulty nervous system were NOT the source of wrong thinking, these symptoms would not disappear. Remember, my clients are not engaging in introspection or any other kind of observation of their thoughts, just in practicing transcending twice a day.

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