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… thinking aloud:

On the inner plane we suffered for decades from the assumed “me” that lived only in our unexamined thinking mind.
It felt so real that we never deeply inquired; but it turned out to be a self-entertained hypnotism.

Is the world just a reflection of our own inner state?
Being afraid is a party for the pain body, a precious source of me-identification.

What is the difference between the “me” we assumed and were impressed/intimidated by, in our own thoughts and beliefs… and the covid narrative?

Covid is just the slow dripping that finally makes our cup run over…
we start to see the games of mind, its arrogance, foolishness and betrayal.

No one to blame, but to simply see.
“Non-Interfering Attentiveness is transformative.”

By tracing back our fears, thoughts, beliefs… back to its source, we discover…
Reality is effortlessly friendly.

Mind is a tool, not a hangout.

Holger Hubbs

By Holger Hubbs

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  1. I agree. Covid has helped me and my wife lead a simpler life, one focused on the home and on routine and spiritual growth, instead of focused on doing things and meeting people. And look at how the pandemic has encouraged meetings like ours to spring up and flourish. Those open enough to learn how to protect themselves have not been infected, and have not infected others. Indeed, I think there is a place in our life for this tiny virus friend. It’s another part of the ever-changing play of relative life.

    1. The separate-self is imagined, but taken for real.
      “Virus” is a model in thinking according to germ “theory”.

      The trap of science is that it accepts only objective evidence.

      Can Life destroy itself?
      God is love.

      1. There is no trap in science. Objective evidence and the resulting knowledge is useful in relative life because it can cure or manage many illnesses. The “illusion of relativity” refers to our ignorance of our real nature as pure consciousness, not to any practical failure of relative life. Once we recognize that Brahman is true, we can also recognize that relative life is also Brahman, so to discard science is just another aspect of ignorance.

        1. Thank you David.

          To say “There is no trap in science” to me personally sounds dogmatic and close minded.
          Maybe to be fair, what is it that you call “science”?

          Does science create anything new?
          Does it do anything more than inventing mental models to describe/explain what nature is doing by herself?

          Is science something independent of mind?
          What is the nature of mind?

          Does science require humility, love, maturity, sensitivity, or is it just cold facts?
          Does science have an element of art/intuition in it?

          Is science free of fuzziness, of approximations, averages… is science absolute?

          Is science isolated/free from engineering, commerce and politics/public interest?

          1. Does mind enjoy uncertainty?

            Is “I don’t know” the equivalent of “defeat” for a materialist?

            To what degree does science take over the previous domain of religion, to create stories that “make sense” to comfort fragmented minds?

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