What is Enlightenment…

… How Can it Happen For Me?

Enlightenment Is Possible For Everyone

“What is enlightenment? Enlightenment or awakening is not an exotic experience, it is simply the recognition of the nature of our being, which underlies and pervades all experience irrespective of its content. In other words, it is always and has always been here, as you.

In order to see our true nature and become established in its innate peace and joy, we go deeply into ourself, discarding or letting go of anything that is not essential to us – thoughts, images, feelings, perceptions, relationships an so on – tracing our way back to our essential irreducible self or being, over and over again.

Rupert sometimes refers to this approach as the Way of Recognition – to know again something that we have always known but we have overlooked or ignored or forgotten. As we become established in our true nature of being, or awareness, fewer and fewer experiences in life have the power to take us away from our self. In time, we begin to feel that our being is not really ‘our’ being. In other words, it does not really belong to us as a person.

Our being, divested of the qualities that it acquires from the content of our experience, is revealed simply as being. Utterly intimate but impersonal and unlimited, extending way beyond the borders of our self as a person. That being is not only the essence of our self, but is the essence of everything. It is that from which we derive our sense of our self. It is also that being from which everyone and everything derives its apparent individuality or its apparent existence.

In other words we begin to feel and intuit that what we essentially are on the inside is the same reality, the same being that all people all animals and all things essentially are. And this recognition is that to which we refer in all people and animals as love. And in relation to objects and nature as beauty.”

Holger Hubbs

By Holger Hubbs

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