What you are doesn’t need healing

Are the Body and Illness Pure Presence Materialised?

“Is the body is an emanation or materialisation of pure presence or consciousness in time, if only knowing exists? Rupert replies to the woman’s question that this would imply that pure knowing actually becomes matter, but that is not the case. Pure knowing never becomes anything other than itself. It appears as matter from the limited perspective of an individual mind.

Like in a dream when you are walking along the street, the streets appear as real or material from the perspective of you as the character in the dream walking along them. But the streets are not a materialisation of your mind, they are just the activity of your mind. The nature of the street hasn’t changed. It hasn’t ceased being consciousness and become matter, it just appears as matter from the limited perspective of the character in the dream that perceives it.

So the body is not a materialisation of consciousness, it is consciousness.

So is the experience of human illness also part of that dream? Yes, finite experience always appears to an apparently finite mind, or person. The infinite cannot know the finite directly. So in order to have the experience of a finite world or a finite body or illness, that experience has to be known from the perspective of a finite mind.

Does that mean we can heal the body when you know yourself as presence? You can know yourself as presence and therefore know that what you already are doesn’t require healing. The infinite cannot know sickness, or death or suffering. It can only know the whole.

Would knowing myself as consciousness have a healing effect on the body? If the illness is caused by the belief in separation (I am a temporary, finite self), it may be healed when that belief disappears. For example, anxiety. However not all illness is caused by the belief in separation.”

This clip is taken from one of Rupert’s weekly webinars in 2021.

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