Transgender Propaganda

Holger: I want to share this video not from the gender viewpoint, but because of this:

unfortunately many of our professional organizations are advocating for this [whatever it is]…

and it’s important to bear in mind that
there’s very small groups of people
controlling these societies

small groups of people
are making these pronouncements

and then
when physicians want to turn to what’s
the best practice they’re finding these things
and there’s no rigorous research done
there’s no controlled studies it’s very
poor research

but it’s
i guess politically correct to go down
these roads by these organizations

doctors will feel compelled
to follow what their organization says
without really looking into the evidence

there is heavy duty propaganda

Isn’t it amazing…
the idea is that life is getting more complex and that we need subject-matter experts that help us to make better decisions.

So fascinating…
how easily we get intimidated and impressed by “others”; but maybe we just avoid understanding our own mind?

interested in the me-chanism of our own thinking mind, understanding suffering, embracing the gift of this moment.

We cannot serve two masters…
can we please our fears and be free at the same time?
What are we doing here on this most amazing planet ❤️

“The greatest gift one can render Humanity is to recognize one’s true nature.”

Rupert Spira

Holger Hubbs

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