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When the traditional teaching says that the world is an illusion, it doesn’t mean that the world is unreal or not really there. It is not that the world is unreal – the world is absolutely real – it is just that the reality of the world is not dead, inert stuff called ‘matter’. It is totally alive stuff called pure knowing, awareness or God’s infinite being.

It is our exclusive interest in objects that give them their apparently independent reality. When attention shifts from the seen object to pure seeing, the apparently separate reality of the object disappears and its true reality – the light of pure Knowing – shines.

Awareness is the power that is
concealed within the present

It is only an activity of thinking and feeling that makes it seem that we are something other than the open, empty, unlimited presence of awareness, in which all experience appears, with which it is known and, ultimately, out of which it is made or of which it is the activity. However, even this activity takes place in, is known by and made out of awareness alone.

In being aware of being aware – the knowing of our own essential, irreducible being – the mind loses its agitation and the heart is relieved of its yearning.

Effort is what grace looks like from the point of view of the separate self. If you feel you need to make the effort, make the effort, but know it is always God doing it.

If human beings are released from the disease of wanting to be better than someone else, life will come to ease.

Holger Hubbs

By Holger Hubbs

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  1. Dear Holger, .. thank you for sharing,
    .. this is so well expressed and is simplicity itself ..
    how can we not know!! ?
    Sylvie 🙏🍃🥀

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