Too Simple!

“Truth is simple, the seeker is complex.”

Having a fun-da-mental understanding can be very helpful or a more refined ego trap.

There is a priceless component of grace that allows me to trust the dissolving of “me”, to experience first-hand the reality of love and truth. (Thank you Magdi!)

Without any claim of having achieved anything…
It is rather humbling to see that what I struggled and longed for so long was and is always here and now.

What veils the light of awareness?
In ‘my case’ it was a mix of pride, shame, guilt and confusion.

Amazing the amount of suffering, disappointment and selfish eagerness… simply to understand and dis-cover that what I really want is “peace of mind in daily living, independent of circumstances.” (Thank you Roger!)

“It takes a universe to make a sandwich.”

There are many others involved helping me to see what is hidden in plain sight.

So ridiculous… but likely this viewpoint is still a leftover of the personal doer?

The most precious is “closer than breathing and nearer than hands and feet”; always here and now.

Amazing the wisdom I heard uncounted times but I couldn’t dissolve into:

“Just be still and know I am”.

“In quietness and confidence is your strength.”

“Excitement is a scam of the mind.”

“Awakening reveals that there is no one that awakens and that all is the Self.”

Gratitude to my Zoom friends!

This is love… to celebrate together the gift of waking up, to dissolve misunderstandings and to feel safe when the old “me” tries hard to pull us back into taking things personally.

So fascinating…
So much love and wisdom, even in feeling awkward.

Thank you ❤️
Holger Hubbs

By Holger Hubbs

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