The Garden of Friends

I am excited to be invited to another venue for sharing our non-dual understanding. Each friend has a unique way of interpreting and expressing this understanding and I look forward to reading the various posts that may include artwork, writings, music etc. Here is a poem a that I wrote this year that was inspired by my friends/peers… enjoy!


The Garden of Friends

This garden is growing wild
with friends of varied
color, shape and size

Each unique in expression,
likened to a flower
sustained by a common sun

While each appears separate,
a deeper connection exists where
unseen roots meet and intertwine

None are trying to be
or forcing growth;
flowering happens

Winter looms,
colors fade,
form collapses

Fear is abolished
in knowing existence delights
to discover and meet itself again

Spring comes,
vibrancy returns,
friendships blossom

Walter Cecchini

By Walter Cecchini

I am currently serving as a Police Officer (COP - Consciously on Patrol). This non-dual understanding allows me to operate "undercover"... Love disguised as Authority! Check out my non-dual poetry at Peace!


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