Pie = 3.14159


Thank you dear…
for your friendship, your openness, your bravery.

“I am” is our Reality.

The word “I” is reserved for Consciousness, God, Love, Intelligence; not another.

“Me” is the name of the body-mind conditioning;
and certain conditionings are called addiction.

“Me” is hungry to be someone, afraid to be no-thing.

“Me” shamelessly uses everything it can to create a narrative, an identity, a future, a past… to be in-form(ed).

“Me” is afraid to dissolve in the Light of Awareness as I am?


Assuming that the huge big issue of yOur so called “addiction” of the body-mind is solved, what would be different?

It would just be a body-mind freed of a certain conditioning.


“Addiction” is a conditioning in the world of idea.

“Body-Mind” is an appearance in the world of ideas.

Who are you, aware of the comings and goings in the body-mind-world realm?


What is at the root of all yOur confusions?


PS: I smoked for a long-time, and I entertained myself many times with the struggle to overcome what wasn’t the real problem.

What finally helped was the presence and guidance of a trusted friend to say yes to what I am doing, and to do it fully conscious, with love; In this openness and yes-ness my last cigarette was very unpleasant… and after that I no wish anymore to smoke.

The habit of the mind echoes for a while, but I am aware of it…

Sometimes it might be good to have a recording of our meetings, since I forget easily; during our meeting you said many things that revealed the struggle.

What is Love?
Does it require any doing on your part?

Who am I?
The “me” that thinking and feeling renders is the unexamined misunderstanding of a misguided child.

What an amazing gift to allow the stirring up of our intimate mental confetti and then to experience the effortless dissolving of the tiny misunderstanding at the root, called “me”.



Holger Hubbs

By Holger Hubbs

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