Roger: Step out of thinking

Roger: “How does that happen? It happens when our obsession with thinking subsides sufficiently because we have heard enough times that our essence exists outside the stream of thinking.

Our essence is prior to thinking; that what we are in essence is not the me-thoughts, not the personal thoughts of being a person; which is why certain teachings will point to the non-person; meaning, find out who you are prior to being a person. And we might say: “what does that mean? How am I going to know what I am prior to being a person?” And it is really just saying:

As often as possible step out of thinking – understanding that this is the habit that keeps you away from your true essence, and find yourself uninterested in thinking; meaning: “I know I won’t find myself there”.

At first it might seem like it is impossible… how do you step out of thinking? it seems unavailable. The more that we get pointed there, the more there is a movement that at least tries to, or is interested in “prior to thought”, “prior to thought”. So this is why sometimes thinking is the problem…

you’ll never find yourself in thinking; you only find the conceptual self!

What are you prior to that?
What is the real?
The real is not thought.

It is not a fleeting-me that is changing from the sad me to the happy me, to the excited me, the angry me… they are just different colors of thought; thought and emotion.

What are you prior to that?
And what we are prior is that which is aware of the thinker, which is aware of the emotions, the emotional one. And as…”

Roger Castillo, 05-07-2022

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