“Noble friendship, Satsang, is the supreme remedy for all ills—physical and mental”


Thank you Fernando!

Freedom is here, now.

Light is here, now.

Because of your desire

is conceiling your original,

fundamental, ultimate nature,

as the ether in the jar

is not different than the ether outside the jar.

You say, “I am a jar-ether,” and outside is something else, you see.

So, this impediment, this hindrance

of illusion that there exists some jar,

therefore, “I am jar like.

My name is jar-ether.”

“My shape is this thing.”

So, this “I am so and so,”

“I am so and so,”

and this is the beginning,

beginning-less ignorance, “I am so and so,”

therefore there is no difference, “I am so and so,” and samsara,

past, present and future.

Instantly it is projected.

Now to reason out this thing,

return to this,


Who am I

who is looking at the samsara?

Who am I who is meditating?

Who is it that feels, “I am bound”?

Who is it that will win enlightenment through meditation?

So, find out,

while meditating find out who is the meditator

and who is the meditated upon?

Subject, object and the process between the true meditations,


trinity is created because of you.

Meditator, object of meditation;

now here the object of meditation is freedom, no?,

and meditation, process to return to freedom.

You have become meditator;

meditator means subject

and the object is now freedom itself,

and that you have objectified.

So, if you simply…

Freedom, enlightenment, light, wisdom, cannot be objectified,

it can never be object because

there can be no one to experience, no one can be experiencer.

So, if this experiencer is absent,

so what is will remain what is.

And this enquiry will take you

to the very place from where it arises.

The wave is arising from the ocean,

now ocean is conceiled.

The wave is a wave because name,

movement, shape.

So, this wave, this desire for freedom,

is rising from the same place,

from the same ocean;

now, this meditator has become now

the ego,

ego; when it meditates there is the ego rising and

it is objectifying the reality itself.

So, if you keep quiet here,

if you simply keep quiet, this is the best meditation.

Don’t give rise,

don’t give any, any thought,

don’t stir a thought, don’t activate the mind,

and this is called meditation, not even meditation itself.

If you know, “I am meditating,” it’s not meditation, you are the meditator then.

You should not be aware that you have become meditator

and something you have to achieve in future.

No, it is already there.

It is already there from where this meditator itself is taking his birth.

So, if you keep quiet there will be no meditator at all and no meditation,

and no object of meditation,

and this will be

existence, consciousness, bliss itself; this is called.

And instantly, instantly,

if you can’t do it, it must take this instant, this finger snap,

in this space, no space,

between breath and breath, that much time,

in a twinkle of an eye,

you can, can be free.


in this the creation is created.

And if you don’t utilize this instant for freedom

there is samsara.

Without your expectation

samsara is there,

and it is rising from this very instant

because you are not inquiring into this instant.

This instant is very very important for you.

And what is this importance?

Keep quiet!

That’s all.

Don’t stir a thought, even for freedom.

Because this thought already,

this thought of freedom already brought you here

and now here you don’t waiver.

It is not for you to get anything else.

What was needed has been done.

What was required has been


So, how difficult is to keep quiet?

Who can keep quiet

just for one,

just for one instant?

No one has kept quiet, you see,

whosoever he may be.


do it and see

and show up

in this instant, when there is no thought.

Thought means time.

Time means past.

Past is past.

So, when I speak of this moment it is not something to do with the past moment.

So, when the past is gone there is no future and no present either,

so you are out of time.

And you have always been out of times.

This is your nature.

That’s why we want to return

to that transcendental, timelessness, consciousness.

That is called beyond,


and it’s your nature, you see,

that’s why we are hunting for it,

spending millions of years.

We have not yet found it

because we need something, we beg something,

we want to get something with effort,

so howsoever effort you make, you are waisting your time;

any effort you are waisting your time.

Now you are here to get rid of this concept of effort, number one,


and then

no thought in the mind.

Don’t stir a single thought, don’t make effort,

this I mean, this instant.

And this instant is your own fundamental peace,

happiness, love, beauty, joy.

Even when we are involved with other things, what we enjoy?

When we enjoy we get a desired object,

we go near to that object,

“I have found this object and now I am happy.”

What is this happiness?

No one knows.

It is not that the object has given you happiness;

no object can give you happiness in the world, whosoever beautiful it may be,

because what is not permanent cannot give you happiness.

What is not permanent is not the place of happiness,

but you feel happy to meet your friend, you meet, happy.

To acquire something, to obtain something, to gain something, you are happy.


Where this happiness has come from?

This happiness has come from

because you wanted something, you wanted to meet a friend,

meeting friend, this meeting has vanished the thought of meeting itself,

you are together.

That person has not given you happiness,

it is, the abandonment of the desire to meet has left,

and this is the same instant

which gives you happiness.

Because it is not the man gives happiness to another man,

it is the Self who will give happiness to the Self.

And Self is one.

Light is one within all beings.

There is only one light, through which we speak,

through wich we see, through which we hear.

That indweller is the one.

That indweller who is listening now, and who is speaking now,

is the same one who we are searching,

but we are doing it outside, you see,

even at this time we don’t find who is listening,

who is speaking,

what is this word, where does it come from?

This means, if you know this, you are quiet,

because you will recognize, “This is me, this is me and this is me!”

And you will keep quiet.

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