Subtle Body – JK

You say these energies are completely free, not bound to the physical
structure of the body.
Does this mean that with the energy body we can undertake all sorts of movements, movements impossible for the physical body?

The subtle body we are speaking about is completely free from the physical structure of the body.
Its energy is completely unconditioned, it belongs to the real body, the
energetic body.
This energy is capable of burning up all the conditioning buried deep in our nerves and muscles.
It purifies the physical body of the conditions and sensations imposed by the “I am the body” idea, by the person who needs to feel himself localized and secured.
This person acts through likes and dislikes, through fear, actions which in turn react on the neuro-muscular system creating the vicious
circle of conditioning.

Jean Klein, I AM

Holger Hubbs

By Holger Hubbs

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