draft: What is nonduality

… to examine the sense of “me” and “other”,

…learning to discern reality from assumption,
to not mixup experience and thinking,

…to see how “me” is a misguided identity,
the source of suffering, longing and lack,

…to see the trap of trying to find myself in thoughts and feelings,

…to not be confined by making-sense,

…to understand the nature of mind,

…to be comfortable with paradoxes,

…to be at peace here and now,

…to effortlessly use the mind as a tool
in the harmonious flow of rest and activity,

…to discover the elephant in the room…
I am aware of body-mind-world,

I am not here to survive,
but to effortlessly flourish as one free of suffering.

Being lived.

All of this as a draft… (-;

Holger Hubbs

By Holger Hubbs

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