Swami Sarvapriyananda: Stress free Living

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00:30 A certain stress is optimum for living
– not stress-free, but stress-managed, where stress does not become negative


  • Karma Yoga
  • Bhakti Yoga
  • Raja Yoga (Dhyana [meditation])
  • Jnana Yoga [knowledge]


  • Karma Yoga – the path of action; converting our daily life/action in worship of God; Krishna taught Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita


  • Two aspects:
    • Sakama Yoga (with desire)
    • Nishkama

Within bounds of morality, within Karma, helps stress management
One of the prime causes of stress: life tainted with immorality

06:24 Keep your life clean

07:03 Nishkama: Do work for the well-fare of others

08:36 Busy monks, but very relaxed: no person involved.

09:05 No personal motif: free from tension

10:17 Bhakti Yoga: Love directed to God

11:08 Tension goes away by depending on God…
it is God’s problem, not my problem.
The same God in all beings.

14:47 Two main aspects to manage stress
By calming of the mind: experience what is behind

16:35 Mind: pure + calm = Being as we are / Atman shines forth

17:11 Stress = identified with the mind

17:42 One example of stress management (calming the mind)
Yoga Nidra

19:26 Benson’s Relaxation Response

21:54 Exploration of all the parts of the body…
Feel that it is relaxed.

37:14 Let another voice guide you through!

38:17 In deep meditation – Samadhi – no need for sleep

39:25 There is a deep underlying tiredness in our body, which we don’t know.

39:51 First method: Calming mind and body
Second method (Jnana Yoga): thinking (reorient the view about ourself)

40:48 Hold onto this principle: that which you see must be apart from you

42:14 The eyes themselves become the seeing

43:47 The mind is an object of your knowing

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